Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tofu Yu - Smoked Jalapeno Tofu

Tofu Yu is an artisan soy beanery in Berkeley, CA. I had tried some of their spicy veggie yuba wraps while visiting Berkeley in the past and was really impressed. Ever since then, I've been on the lookout for their products and was really excited when I found their regular tofu being sold in northern California Whole Foods Markets. We decided to pick up a package of the smoked jalapeno tofu for use in a dish.

Zach had some king oyster mushrooms at home so we made a simple dish by sauteeing the mushrooms along with shallots and fresh jalapeno in veggie broth along with some spices and fresh garlic while browning the tofu in another pan. The Tofu Yu tofu is very unique in that it has many layers filled with spices. It is not your typical block of tofu. And it is incredibly flavorful.

Poor lighting contributed to these dark pics - sorry!
In this dish, we were really impressed with the complexity of the layers along with the smoked jalapeno flavoring. It really looked like layers of yuba or tofu skins pressed into a block. We served the slices of tofu with the king oyster mushrooms alternating layers and topped it with the jalapenos and shallots. We also served roasted potatoes on the side.

If you would like to try some truly unique tofu, pick up a package of Tofu Yu's products in northern California.  To find the stores near you, click here.

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