Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Joe's Oat Patties

As I was walking through the Whole Foods in Tampa, I stumbled across some burger mixes I'd never seen before. They were called "Joe's Oat Patties" and were labeled as local. They came in many different flavors such as island jerk, curry lentil, spicy, and BBQ. I purchased the Italian Sausage flavor and took them home.

The ingredients consist of organic oats, organic quinoa, organic herbs, organic spices, himalayan salt, and organic sunflower seeds. I liked that they were all organic. We opened the mix and began following the instructions by adding 1 cup of hot water over the mix. As soon as we did so, we realized that it probably would have been better with boiling water, but the instructions did not specify boiling water. Oh, well. We covered the mix and let it stand for 6 minutes, then stirred it well.

The mix was pretty goopy and I wasn't sure how the burgers would come out. The instructions just stated to cook it in a pan with a little oil on medium-high heat, but it was so goopy, it was hard to get them to form patties.  I was also confused because it stated there were 6 servings in a bag, but I barely made 4 incredibly small patties. I cooked them with cooking spray for a long time to get them to brown - much longer than specified on the package.

We served them with spicy red pepper Miso Mayo on whole wheat buns with lettuce and tomato.

I liked them, but I'm not sure they are worth the cost or trouble.  For $6.50, you can get better burgers in the frozen or refrigerated aisle. They are pretty overpriced for oat burgers. They were tasty, but they certainly didn't blow us away. The second time I made them, I grilled them on a grill pan and they never cooked all the way through leaving them soggy in the middle. I'll definitely opt for other burgers over these next time.


  1. The Gardein Beefless burgers are the best. I think my mom got me these mixes a while ago and I haven't used them.

  2. There are so many great burgers on the market. These just do not compare.

  3. I SO agree with your review. I had the same cooking experience and the same surprise at the alleged serving sizes! And... yes... the price is way too high given the latter. One can make oat burgers with dehydrated vegetables much more cheaply at home... and get more generous serving sizes.

  4. Tony - I'm glad to hear you had the same experience! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I go to a farmers market here in Tampa, they have a booth there. I did see that there display burger serving looked like a typical slider from chilis.