Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spindrift - Sodas

I'm proud to say that I stopped drinking sodas a few years ago, that is, sodas as most people know them -- the ones filled with artificial everything. Fast forward to today and there is a new class of "sodas" on the market. Spindrift is the first soda made with fresh squeezed ingredients. We're talking triple purified sparkling water, fresh squeezed fruit or berry puree, and a dash of cane juice. This means there are no syrups, juice concentrates, additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or colors. That takes all the bad out of the connotation for sodas.

So that all sounds great, but how do they taste?  Wonderful! I tried each of the six flavors and loved them all! Light, refreshing, and a perfect balance of flavors. I really couldn't choose a favorite. Take, for example, the cranberry raspberry, which is made with 16 raspberries, 9 cranberries, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. So good. And, get this -- the color comes from the fruit, not from insects! (In case you don't know to what I am referring, most artificially flavored products use cochineal extract to color products red, which is made from crushed insects. Yuck!)

Then there is the orange mango, which is just weird, but so am I, so I liked it. It is made with 1/2 a fresh squeezed orange and alfonso mango puree.

Seriously, they are all great. I even liked the Half & Half, which is tea with lemon even though I really don't like iced tea. The lemon makes it so much better than just straight tea.

And I love the label which states, "Sodas: A reintroduction - I'm sorry - we've gotten off track. Let's start again. I'm a soda. I'm made of sparkling water and crushed fruit. Simple, light, refreshing. Give me a second chance, please?" Ha! And you may be wondering what a spindrift is. It is a light spray blown from the crest of waves or snow. And drinking these sodas sort of feels like that. So go out and try all of the flavors: cranberry raspberry, orange mango, blackberry, lemonade, half & half, and sparkling grapefruit and experience the Spindrift for yourself. You get the drift.

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