Thursday, August 1, 2013

Verizon Center, DC - Vegan Options

A while ago, I got invited to a Capitals hockey game and even though I really dislike sports, I enjoy live hockey games so I decided to go. I mean, who doesn't like to see grown men skating around in padded clothes beating each other over the head with sticks?!

Of course, before I went, I did a little research on vegan options at the Verizon Center downtown. I found a few interesting options, but decided to stick with my old faithful. So when I arrived, I headed straight for Hard Times Cafe in section 112.

Hard Times Cafe was a cafe I used to go to in the suburbs back in the day for their awesome chili and it seemed like a good option this night. The chili is loaded with TVP (texturized vegetable protein), mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. They always ask if you want it topped with cheese, sour cream, or jalapenos. I chose extra jalapenos.  I enjoyed my chili, but it wasn't the same as I remember it being when I had it in the real cafe. Most notably, there were no peanuts in it and there wasn't an option for fresh tomatoes. But, in a hockey stadium, I wasn't going to be picky.

I also ordered a cocktail with Grey Goose and had a Superpretzel. All in all, not a bad time at the game.  And I got to see that fight I was waiting for.


  1. Which game was this? Do you remember? I'm a huge hockey fan, so I go to the Caps games. Last season, the BBQ place on the club level began serving a vegan "Sloppy Jane" sandwich that's pretty good.

  2. I don't remember...sorry. Thanks for letting me know about the Sloppy Jane. I will check it out next time!

  3. Not a huge fan of TVP, but it's so lovely to know that they are able to serve a vegan option, especially in hockey games!

  4. I had the Sloppy Jane yesterday and it was 8.50 with chips for a tofu sloppy joe which was an amazing price considering it's 6 bucks for a soft pretzel. The BBQ Pit is located section 229 by the way.

    Hard Times Cafe with vegan chili is at Sections 112 and 119.

    Also good to note is dippin dots has vegan options such as the Rainbow Ice for sure. According to Soycrates these are the vegan options: liberty ice, rainbow ice, watermelon ice, sour blue razz, strawberry sorbet espresso dots.