Monday, August 26, 2013

DeLuscious Vegan Cookies - VeLuscious

Someone asked me not too long ago what my favorite vegan cookies were and that made me think -- I haven't tried any new cookies in a while. And off the top of my head, there were only a few cookies I could think of that I would recommend. Then out of the clouds came the cookie goddess who told me to travel to Los Angeles where I would find some of the most wonderful cookies of all. There lies a bakery making VeLuscious vegan cookies for all of the world to enjoy.

So I sought out to find this bakery. Okay, maybe I didn't really go there. But, I did get my hands on some of their cookies anyway and boy, was she right. VeLuscious is the name of the vegan cookies being developed by DeLuscious Cookies & Milk. Lydia Shayne is the creative force behind this company. As a self-taught baker, she crafted each cookie recipe from scratch. Her mantra is that good enough is never good enough. Lydia and her team work to ensure every customer has the ultimate cookie experience. And in the spirit of inclusiveness, they are now servicing vegan and gluten-free customers as well.

They sent me their top four vegan cookie flavors to try and I was blown away by the goodness. My favorite was  their Vegan Chocolate Decadence. OMG. Their signature dark chocolate cookie is laced with sugar on the outside and soft, chewy brownie-fudgy goodness on the inside with lots of chocolate chips. It was like a chocolate chip brownie covered in sugar. Sinfully delicious.

The Vegan Chocolate Chip was crispy almost like a gluten-free cookie with a chewy center. It is filled with three different kinds of Belgian and domestic dark and semi-sweet chocolates.

The Vegan Oatmeal Raisin was soft and fluffy with plump California Thompson raisins baked throughout and a strong cinnamon flavor.

Lastly, the Vegan Cinnamon Sugar was super crispy and delicious with cinnamon on top, but a bit too oily for me.

These are some of the best cookies I've ever had and they would make a fantastic birthday or holiday gift (to me!). At $51.95 a dozen (plus shipping), they aren't cheap, but they are about as good as it gets. And if you are in LA, I encourage you to stop by and pick some up. Or you can just order them online. DeLusciously good.

Full Disclosure: Although the cookies were provided to me for free to review, that in no way influenced my veracious opinion.

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