Friday, August 5, 2011

Pepples Organic Donuts, San Francisco

As I was walking around the San Francisco Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building, I saw a stand that would make any vegan wonder if they had died and gone to heaven. As I looked down, I realized that I had found a 100% vegan donut stand -- Pepples Organic Donuts.  And there wasn't just one or two flavors -- there were 21!!!  I mean, how is a vegan girl to choose as she stands above a table of flavors including raised glazed, vanilla cookie, lemon poppy, salted caramel, kaffir lime, cherry, blueberry, chocolate cookie, cinnamon sugar, meyer lemon, and much much more! Good gracious, I am getting hungry just writing this!

Zach and I finally settled on the salted caramel (their most popular flavor), coffee, mango chili, and the raised glazed. All of the donuts were cake donuts besides the raised one. The woman working the booth recommended I try the glazed donut as it is hard to find a vegan raised donut.

I first tasted the salted caramel and it was just as amazing as it sounds. The donut was soft and dense, the caramel was flavorful, and in the middle there was this amazing salt that complemented the caramel. This donut was truly amazing.

Salted Caramel
I also enjoyed the raised glazed donut just because, as the lady mentioned, it isn't something I get on a regular basis. The mango chili and coffee donuts were great as well.

Mango Chili
Raised glazed
I was ready to order a whole box of these to ship to my home, but, unfortunately, they do not ship their donuts so you have one of two options. You can either visit their store in Oakland, California, or visit them at the farmer's market in San Francisco on Saturdays. Otherwise, you are out of luck.  If you are in this area, you have to stop by and try these donuts. They are worth a special trip! Highly recommended!

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