Friday, February 10, 2017

Purple Carrot - meal service

After great experiences with Hungryroot and Green Chef, I decided to give Purple Carrot a try. With Purple Carrot, you choose 3 meals for 1-2 people or 3-4 people. The deals for first timers aren't as good here as I ended up paying $43 for these meals on my first order.

Similar to Green Chef, the ingredients come measured and many are chopped for you. They weren't color coded so you had to search through all of the ingredients to figure out which ones went with which recipes. The first recipe I tried was the South Indian Style Curry. This turned out to be not nearly as good as it looked in the picture. The eggplant curry was way too watery and not very tasty. The recipe took about 40 minutes as indicated.

The next recipe I tried was the Kale Caesar.  This salad was also disappointing. The chickpeas were not spiced well, the shallots were too many and too raw, and there wasn't enough dressing for the salad. Also, the dressing wasn't that great.

Finally, I made the Sweet Potato Lasagna. You made a sauce, simmered the sweet potatoes in the sauce, prepared the "ricotta," then broiled it all together. This one was pretty horrible. It lacked flavor all around.

So, I was most disappointed with Purple Carrot of the three meal plans I tried. I would not recommend this one. But, if you do try them, be sure to cancel at some point as you get signed up for recurring deliveries.


  1. Sorry to read you had a bad experience with them. I've ordered from Purple Carrot three or four times, and there was only one meal I wasn't happy with. I've found the instructions clear and the dishes flavorful and generously sized. In particular, there was a saag paneer-type dish using tofu that was the closest I've had to the traditional dish since going vegan. But I always look at the next week's menu and only order it if all three meals look like something we will really like.

  2. I also just started Purple Carrot and loved the first week. No bad items at all. I'd recommend giving it another shot. Sounds like you got a bad week!