Monday, February 6, 2017

Hungryroot - meal service

Food delivery services are popping up EVERYWHERE! From the popularity of mainstream companies like BlueApron to small, local shops that just deliver in their cities, these services are at a popularity all time high! So, I figured it would be helpful to my readers for me to jump on the bandwagon. The first stop I made was HungryRoot.

Hungryroot is unique in that it is mostly vegan (as long as you don't add chicken to anything) and the entrees are based on spiralized veggie noodles--strips of veggies made to look like noodles. I found a deal for a bundle for $40 and placed my order. A bundle is a good way to try this service out. There are a few to choose from, but the basic one provides you with 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinners, 1 side, 1 snack, and 2 sweets.

When my first bundle arrived, a couple of the meals seemed to have gone bad. The white noodles in the sweet potato hash and the same ones in the kale salad were rotting.

But, for the items that hadn't rotted, I really liked them. There were carrot noodles with tangy sriracha peanut sauce, celery root noodles with sweet basil gremolata (shown below), and a lacinato kale salad with caper raisin vinaigrette. You basically take the "noodles" and cook them for a just a few minutes to soften them up, then top them with the sauces. It was surprisingly simple and delicious!

For desserts, the almond chickpea cookie dough made these amazingly delicious and protein-rich cookies that were to die for. Also, the coconut carrot cake bites were delish!

When I contacted customer service about the noodles that had gone bad, they were very apologetic and offered to send me a bunch of stuff for free! So, I tried the daikon noodles with Korean scallion gochujang - spicy and so tasty (shown below)!  I tried the sweet potato noodles with creamy cashew alfredo, which was like a Moroccan spiced meal and not at all what I expected.

They resent the two that had rotting noodles that included the sweet potato hash and the lacinato kale salad. The noodles were rotted in this order too. I was still able to eat the salad after removing the noodles, but I couldn't save the hash once again.

They also sent a chocolate mousse that was out of this world. I topped it with raspberries.

Other items on their menu include:
  • Rutabaga noodles with roasted mushroom pistou
  • Beet noodles with savory almond sesame
  • Boniato noodles with fresh bean salsa
  • Turnip noodles with toasted walnut pesto
All in all, despite these white noodles that seem to rot very quickly, I liked the dishes. They were super easy to make (7 minutes!) and I lost weight after eating this stuff for a week. I'd recommend trying this service if you are curious and want good, healthy vegan food at a reasonable price. Like all of these services, you have to cancel it if you don't want it every week, but canceling was quite easy. You can try Hungryroot here.

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  1. How does this work for a single person since meals are for two. Can you order every other week?