Monday, December 7, 2015

The Easy Vegan Cookbook

Kathy Hester's The Easy Vegan Cookbook is a great cookbook for the new vegan,  experimenting omnivore, or carefree flexitarian. With beautiful pictures of most dishes, it'll be easy for you to eyeball what might be palate-pleasing.

The Make-Ahead Staples section includes recipes for homemade bouillon, gravy, cashew cheese, and enchilada sauce.

In the Soups Save the Day section, there are recipes for Indian-Spiced Red Lentil and Veggie Soup, Creole Okra Corn Soup, Ramen, and Super Quick Creamy Broccoli Soup. I tried the warming Autumn Harvest Noodle Soup filled with root vegetables, mushrooms, and pasta. Flavored with fresh dill and caraway seeds, you will find this to be a very satisfying main course or a complement to a bigger meal.

In the Stews section, you will find recipes like the Inside-Out Stuffed Pepper Stew, Mapo Tofu, White Bean Kale Stew, and Chili. In Pushover Pastas, you'll see Creamy Cauliflower Pesto Pasta, Vodka Sauce, and Almost Effortless Lasagna. Other sections include Manageable Mains, Speedy Stir-Frys, and Desserts.

In the Easy Sandwich Fillings and Spreads section, I tried the Sloppy Shrooms with Zucchini Fries.
This is a recipe for Sloppy Joe's made with quinoa and mushrooms. It was difficult to keep this mixture from falling off the bun, but it was so easy to make that I would make it again. I added a little seasoned salt to give it some oomph and put spinach on the bottom and topped it with avocado to make these simple sandwiches even better!

This cookbook would make a great holiday gift for anyone looking to incorporate easy vegan meals into their diet. It is currently being sold for $15 on Amazon and you can buy it here.

Full Disclosure: Although the book was provided to me for free to review, that in no way influenced my veracious opinion.

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