Friday, September 19, 2014

Natural Products Expo East 2014

Quiet. That is how I would describe Expo East this year. It was awesome to connect with all of the manufacturers, but there weren't any new products by any of the big players at this show. The trend seems to be moving to having absolutely no new product announcements at Expo East and instead just waiting for Expo West. In fact, some of my good friends at a few companies gave me the "hey, come look what we have under the counter" as they gave me a taste of what was to be released at Expo West -- and boy, will it be exciting. There were, however, some new companies that debuted at this show. So I'll just show you some of my favorite picks from Expo East in no particular order.

#1 Ocean's Halo seaweed chips

#2 Love Grace raw juices

#3 Eating Evolved coconut butter cups

#4 Blount organic lentils and chickpea soup

#5 Hampton Creek just cookie dough and just mayo sriracha

#6 Treeline soft French-style cheese in Chipotle Serrano Pepper

As usual, more on these products to come. And the countdown for Expo West 2015 begins.


  1. Yum! That cookie dough looks delicious, and I certainly wouldn't mind trying the Treeline cheese! Keep up the great posts!