Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hodo Soy - v-EGG-an Salad

Hodo Soy is by far my favorite brand of tofu and now they've developed a vegan egg salad or v-EGG-an salad. Cute, I know. This was one of my show picks from the Natural Products Show West 2012. Unfortunately, they don't yet ship to the east coast so I was lucky to grab a container of this while in California.

Zach was skeptical of the vegan egg salad. I assured him he would like it and boy, did he?! The Hodo Soy tofu is such a great consistency -- firm, yet tender with a wonderful flavor. They mixed little cubes of their firm tofu with their own mayo, silken tofu,  brown rice vinegar, celery, onion, mushroom powder, sea salt, and spices to produce the best vegan egg salad you'll ever have.

We put it on a grilled Ciabatta roll with some baby lettuce and went to town. The bread was, admittedly, a little too big, but, whatever, it was still really good.

Zach said he thought it was better than real egg salad. Win! With a great taste and similar texture to egg salad, but without the cruelty and cholesterol, how can you beat that?!  If you have the chance to try this salad, don't pass it up. Highly recommended.


  1. You have got to try it wiith indian black salt! It is sulfurous like eggs and made it 100x better!