Monday, February 27, 2012

Spicy Tofu Sandwich

While in Berkeley, California, I discovered a couple of interesting products that I wanted to try out. The first was the Tofu Life-brand Hot and Spicy naturally smoked organic tofu.

The other was vegan Miso Mayo made with red pepper, ginger and roasted jalapeno.

Zach and I put these two together to make a deliciously spicy sandwich!

We started off by slicing the tofu lengthwise and heating both pieces of tofu in a pan.

In the meantime, we took 2 ciabatta rolls and spread the spicy red pepper Miso Mayonnaise on one side of them.

Finally, we assembled each sandwich by placing a slab of tofu on top of the half of the ciabatta roll that had the Miso Mayo on it. We put a little more Miso Mayo on top and then topped it with spinach leaves and the other half of the ciabatta roll.

We were amazed at how spicy and how much flavor this tofu had and we loved the Miso Mayo too. It was a great combination!  I only wish I could find these two products in DC. For now, this will be one of the sandwiches I enjoy on the west coast.

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