Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Casa Tortuga, Contadora Island, Panama

While vacationing and skydiving on Contadora Island in Panama, I discovered a fantastic restaurant. While all other restaurants were little dives, there was one fancy Italian restaurant run by a chef named Piero. Who would have thought?

As is typical on a tropical island, most of the seating was outside where the weather was fabulous. There were funky umbrellas with glass tables and white chairs with tons of hospitality.

There isn't much of a standard menu at Casa Tortuga. Instead, items are brought out family style and the specials change daily. He offered me a fantastic salad to start filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shaved zucchini, and herbs. I loved it.

For my entree, he served me a Pasta Pomodoro, which was fantastic. Linguini noodles with fresh tomato sauce and basil. It was so fresh and so good that I had to beat off all my friends who tried to eat my pasta.

We loved this place so much that we came back four nights in a row! On another occasion, he offered me a pasta with fresh vegetables. It was also very good. It's a great place for small or large parties.

This place was not cheap at like $35 per person per meal, but it was worth it as it had the best food on the island. Highly recommended!

Casa Tortuga
Calle Urraaca
Contadora Island, Panama

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