Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 Natural Products Expo West Day 3

Wow! Okay, I'm officially exhausted. I think I walked that trade show floor at least three times to be sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks to everyone who made my experience what it was because it was an incredible show.  It is rumored that nearly 80,000 people attended! In my exhaustion, I still feel necessary to post my top picks of the last day, in no particular order. Enjoy!

#1 So Delicious CocoWhip

#2 Crude Juice (cold-pressed)

#3 Late July Bacon Habanero tortilla chips (yes, they are vegan!)

#4 Raaka chocolate (organic)

#5 Giv Quinoa Burgers

#6 Tofurky Slow-Roasted Chick'n

#7 Daiya Supreme Pizza (using Beyond Meat crumbles) (and they made cheesecake too!)

And here's my silly picture of the day! Till next year Expo West!

*Disclaimer: I make no claims that any of this is healthy. When I do my research on ingredients, I will decide whether I actually want to fully review these products or not based on ingredient and nutritional content.

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