Monday, March 23, 2015

The Living End Saloon - Coming Soon?!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending The Living End Saloon Crowdsourcing Kickoff Party held at the Science Club. The Living End Saloon would be a vegan saloon in Washington, DC. It would fill the void that was left when Asylum, a vegetarian biker bar that existed in DC for many years, closed down.

Whose dream is this? Michael Farmer is his name and vegan bars are his game! Michael worked for the DOD for 25 years as a contractor and has decided to do something different with his life. He has been working part-time at the Science Club, a vegetarian bar and cafe, to gain industry experience and now feels ready to open his own joint.

Vegan Black Metal Chef and Michael Farmer
He envisions a gothic/punk/dive bar -- a place that will be low-key and welcoming to everyone. He actually bought some of the old decor from the owners of Asylum! The menu will feature international pub food like Currywurst, a sliced fried sausage covered in a tomato-based curry sauce from Germany. Mmmm. In fact, he served it at this party.

It will also feature Pique A Lo Macho, hotdog and seitan strips in a mustard/beer sauce on a bed of fries, topped with onion and tomato with side of llajua (pepper sauce) from Bolivia, raw smoked almonds, and jackfruit barbecue sandwiches. A full vegan brunch will be offered on the weekends as well.

During the party, he also invited the Vegan Black Metal Chef. Yes, this guy is real and you should find him on YouTube. His cookware even has spikes in it!

So when does the bar open? Well, that's the catch. As you may have gathered from me mentioning it was a crowdsourcing kickoff party -- he is trying to raise money so that he can open this dream bar.  He is seeking business partners with bar and restaurant experience, consultants, investors and donors who will donate $25 or more in exchange for certain benefits. He has been saving up for four years and now needs approximately $30,000 to make this dream a reality. To check out his crowdsourcing page, please visit The Living End Saloon Crowdsourcing Page.

It would be truly fantastic to have a vegan bar in DC and I sincerely hope that Michael can make his dream come true. May we all be blessed with a cool place to hang out, eat vegan currywurst, and enjoy a beer. As he likes to say, "eat no evil."

Full Disclosure: At the time of writing this, I had no affiliation whatsoever with this concept. Michael did not ask me to write this, nor did he know I was going to promote this. I chose to promote this on my own.

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