Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inn Boonsboro, Boonsboro, MD

Chris and I decided to get away for a weekend. We wanted to do something different and go somewhere that was off the grid, but close enough that it would only be like a two-hour drive. I called lots and lots of bed and breakfasts before I found just the right one -- the Inn Boonsboro in Boonsboro, Maryland. Built by New York Times bestselling author, Nora Roberts, this place is nicest bed and breakfast I've ever seen.

The stone front is adorned with flower boxes while the back is mostly wood. The website describes it as having the warmth and welcome of a bed and breakfast with the luxury of a boutique hotel. I couldn't have said it better myself. Right before they were going to open in 2008, it caught on fire and they had to completely redo the inn with a three-million dollar renovation.

Each of eight rooms is named after literary lovers with the exception of the penthouse. For our first night we stayed in the Penthouse. This suite was amazing with its comfortable bed and sitting lounge.

But, perhaps the coolest part of this room was the bathroom. This huge spacious bathroom has his and hers sinks, a large stand-alone bathtub, lighted make-up mirror, shower with four body jets, and a bidet. The toilet cover opens as you approach it and has a built-in bidet that cleans your front and back. There were also controllable heated floors and a heated towel rack. It made me want to remodel my own bathroom.

The other rooms in the inn include a sitting area where wine and snacks are served for one hour per night for the guests and a library complete with books, DVDs, and whiskey -- all complements of the inn.

For breakfast on the first morning, they were happy to accommodate my vegan preferences. I was served a green salad with tangerines and a delicious, fresh raspberry vinaigrette. There was fresh grapefruit with sugar sprinkled on top. And for the main course, there was blanched asparagus, vegan sausage, and herbed baked potatoes. It was pretty good.

The second night we stayed in the Marguerite and Percy room. This was a smaller room with two double beds -- much smaller than the Penthouse, but still very nice. The headboards were so big that you couldn't reach the blinds so a remote control was provided that opened and closed the blinds.

The bathroom, though smaller, still included heated floors and a towel rack, and a huge shower with body jets.

The breakfast on the second morning was almost the same as the first with the addition of a cup of berries and apple slices on top of the salad.

There were sitting areas on the first floor as well as on the second and third floor porches. You could socialize with the other guests or get away and be alone -- whatever you chose.

The chef and ladies running the inn were very nice and made the entire experience quite pleasant. Though the town of Boonsboro doesn't have much in it, it is only twenty minutes from the quaint town of Shepherdstown, WV so we spent a day there shopping, eating, and relaxing. It is also only twenty minutes from the PIGS Animal Sanctuary, which is the reason we stayed there. We had a tour scheduled the first morning. More about that later.

If you are looking for a unique getaway in a really nice place, I highly recommend the Inn Boonsboro. It is pricey at prices ranging from $255 to $305 per night on the weekend, but I thought it was completely worth the price. From the heated floors to the luxurious beds, you won't regret this getaway. Just be sure to book a tour at PIGS as well.

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