Friday, November 29, 2013

Poplar Spring's Thanksgiving WITH the Turkeys 2013

Whenever I am in town for Thanksgiving, I look forward to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary's Thanksgiving WITH the Turkeys. It is a potluck that is held at their animal sanctuary with all proceeds benefiting the sanctuary.

My friend, Jasmine, and I got started making our healthy kale and sweet potato dish early in the morning, then packed it up and headed out around 11 a.m.

By the time we arrived, there were already like a hundred people there with many more to come. We dropped off our dish on the table and took a short walk around the sanctuary. Our first stop was the bird area. Inside this area, you could just feel the freedom and happiness emanating from these birds. There were beautiful chickens and roosters of all breeds including a fluffy Japanese chicken. You know this is cute.

Also inside was an amazing turkey named "Perry" who had been dropped off and left in a crate in front of the sanctuary just last Thanksgiving. Obviously spared from slaughter, they happily took him under their wings, pun intended.

Next, we ran into some free ranging goats who were good friends and continued to travel around the sanctuary together.

Before we knew it, it was time for the annual feeding of the turkeys. And I mean they feed the turkeys! They put out some tables with a tablecloth and load it with treats, then let the birds go to town. It is so cool to watch the turkeys and chickens have their feast and is by far the thing I most enjoy about this event.

Finally, it was time for the human animals to eat. We waited in long lines, but finally got our choice of hundreds of dishes that had been brought by the attendees. So many dishes, so little time. I might have eaten a bit too much. I especially enjoyed our kale and sweet potato dish along with a variety of stuffings and green bean casserole.

For dessert, we may have been a bit gluttonous, but whatever. There were so many pies, cakes, and cookies. Oh, my.

It's funny, in the end, one of my favorite things was just a simple freshly made carrot juice that someone brought with them.

Afterwards, we continued to meet the animals. We stopped by the pond where the ducks and geese hang out.

Then, we headed to the pig/hog area. There was a sleepy pig in a blanket (haha!) and a bunch of friendly and rambunctious pigs.

We also got to meet the rest of the goats. I just wanted to squeeze this little guy, but he wouldn't let me.

What a wonderful day!  I love that we have such a wonderful place so close to us. Thanks, Poplar Spring, for all that you do.

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