Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Themez, DC

On my way to Smoke and Barrel in Adams Morgan, I noticed a new cupcake place named "Sweet Themez."

I went inside to see if maybe they had some vegan cupcakes and lo and behold, they did! In fact, they had three vegan cupcakes that day -- chocolate, vanilla chocolate, and vanilla vanilla.

This little shop specializing in custom cakes and cupcakes opened in the beginning of November. That said, there were several people picking up cupcakes in the shop when I walked in, which is always a good sign. I decided to try the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting.

I don't usually expect that a place not specializing in vegan baked goods can make a good vegan cupcake, but this place really surprised me. The cupcake was moist and dense, but not too dense, with just the right amount of sweetness. The chocolate and vanilla complemented each other in a delicious way. And at only $2.75 per cupcake, compared to many of the other cupcake shops in town, these are a steal. I suspect they'll be making the headlines soon. Definitely check them out!

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