Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Moms in the Raw - Sea Crackers

A couple months ago, Zach said he had a surprise for me. He had picked up this bag of raw chips in the Whole Foods in Pleasanton, California and said they were really good. Well, I'll be the judge of that. I've been on a raw foods kick lately and I've tried a lot of raw chips so I know a good raw chip when I taste one...and I must say, these are absolutely delicious!

They chips are called, "Sea Crackers," and are made by a company called, "Two Moms in the Raw." Clever and cute, huh?!  The company was started by a mother named Shari in 2004 after she had been diagnosed with MS. She found it difficult to find tasty, natural, satisfying treats to eat on the run so after experimenting in the kitchen with lots of other moms, she developed these delicious Sea Crackers. They are called Sea Crackers because they contain kombu, a Japanese sea vegetable, that gives them a unique flavor.

The first one I tried that remains my favorite flavor is the Pesto Sea Cracker. They are amazing!  They have whole pine nuts in them along with organic flaxseed and herbs and spices. I dipped these in hummus and gobbled them up pretty quickly.

I also tried the Garden Herb and Tomato Basil flavors.  I loved the fresh herbs in the garden herb flavor while the tomato and basil ones were absolutely scrumptious.

In case you are new to the idea of raw foods and why this matters, I'll give you a little  more info. Raw foodists believe that by heating foods above a temperature of anywhere from 106- to 118-degrees (depending on who you speak to), you destroy their enzymes and much of their nutritional value.  Two Moms in the Raw believes that the body just doesn’t get what it needs for optimum well-being and works harder to extract what it can from heavily processed or cooked foods so they found a way to bring extraordinary taste and texture to raw foods. Not to mention that all of their ingredients are organic, gluten-free, and Kosher.

The chips are priced at $7 for a 4-ounce bag, which is pretty typical for a raw chip. The only complaint I have is that the servings per container are 20!  I speak from experience when I tell you that there is no way you are eating that bag in 20 sittings!  I ate them in 3! Other than that, I have no other complaints.

Look for these in Whole Foods and natural foods stores across the country and, of course, you can buy them on Amazon here.  I can guarantee you that you won't be able to eat just one.

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