Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fine & Raw Chocolate, Brooklyn

As I was perusing the Brooklyn Flea Market, I stumbled upon a fine raw chocolatier called, "Fine & Raw Chocolate."  The woman at the booth was excited to tell me about the chocolate -- letting me know that while some of the bars could be found in the local Whole Foods, the bonbons were only available at the market. After much discussion about her chocolate, I picked up a box of the cacao & agave bonbons and only now was I able to taste this delicacy. They are amazingly smooth for raw chocolate. As I indulged in this sweet sin, I enjoyed the bitterness of the raw cacao tempered by the sweetness of the agave -- ah, a perfect match. The packaging is also impressive, that is, if you are into that sort of thing. It is a very clean design and the bonbons are nicely wrapped in paper with decorative tape.

If you are in Brooklyn on the weekend during the summer, I highly recommend picking some of these up...and probably some of their chocolate bars as well. 

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