Monday, June 20, 2011

Dr. Cow's tree nut cheese and One Lucky Duck quackers

When I was at Pure Food and Wine in NYC, I noticed that they served an appetizer that consisted of their crackers and Dr. Cow's tree nut cheese. I was really surprised to see that they sold Dr. Cow's brand cheese as I would have thought that their amazing chefs could make anything. That was when I realized that this [vegan raw] cheese must be really good.  I didn't order that appetizer while I was there, but I did go next door to their store, One Lucky Duck, to buy some of their raw Rosemary Quackers.  I decided I would buy a couple of flavors of the Dr. Cow cheese from Pangea and eat it with the quackers when I got back to DC, which is exactly what I did.

I bought one of the aged cashew nuts and kale cheese and an aged cashew nuts and blue green algae cheese from Pangea.  The cheese is very expensive and SUPER small. Each package of cheese was smaller than the palm of my hand and they were each $10! The rosemary quackers were also super expensive. They sell a bag of them for $15!  Alright, I know that raw food is expensive, but this had to have been the most expensive snack I've ever had!

Both flavors of cheese sounded funky as one does not usually expect to taste kale or algae in their cheese. They were wrapped in white wrappers so I didn't see what they looked like until I unwrapped them. The kale cheese was green in color, which seemed odd, but made sense seeing that it had kale in it. :) This cheese is only made of cashews, kale, acidophilus, and himalayan pink salt. I tried the kale cheese on a quacker and absolutely loved both the cracker and the cheese. The kale cheese tasted great and was so much more like regular cheese in both taste and texture than any other vegan cheese I've ever tried. It was truly amazing. This cheese was harder in texture than the blue green algae one and had a sharper taste. I mean, I haven't eaten cheese in many years and I certainly don't miss it, but this raw cheese is incredibly good. The blue green algae cheese (made of cashews, blue green algae, acidophilus, and himalayan pink salt) was much softer and also tasted great. The rosemary quackers were also very good. In fact, I think they were the best raw crackers I've ever had. The rosemary, almonds, flax seed, and nutritional yeast blend nicely together to form an excellent crisp cracker.

Is the bag of crackers worth $15? I don't think any bag of crackers should be that expensive so I'd have to say no. But, they were really good. Was the cheese worth $10? Yes, absolutely. This is the best vegan cheese I've ever had, that is, for one that you can eat right out of the package. It is perfect for a wine and cheese party! The thing that boggles my mind is that the cheese is not easy to find. It can be found at vegan grocery stores, but not any mainstream grocery stores. I wonder why Whole Foods doesn't stock it. Well, hopefully in time, it will become more easily available. In the meantime, you can order it from Amazon by clicking here: Dr. Cow Aged Cashew & Kale Cheese, 2.5 oz.. If you haven't tried it yet, order some today! You won't regret it.


  1. Hey again :) Great write up - I agree that the prices seem a bit steep but comparable to "real" gourmet cheese like brie or Camembert or goat cheese, etc.

    In case you're curious, a fellow blogger friend made her own aged vegan cheese and blogged the whole experience. I haven't gotten around to it but it's on my to-do list to try soon!

  2. Oh, my gosh...that sounds awesome. I will definitely check it out! Thanks!

  3. I LOVE Dr. Cow cheese! Unfortunately, I can't get it where I live. I paid a ton to have a couple varieties sent to me a while back. I don't know why Whole Foods doesn't carry it either. In the meantime, I've been experimenting and making my own.