Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pure Food and Wine, NYC

UPDATE: This restaurant has permanently closed.

I had heard mixed reviews of Pure Food and Wine so I was not exactly sure what I was getting myself into. Let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised!  Pure Food and Wine is an exquisite restaurant in every way.

We started off by ordering Master Cleanse Tinis...I know, this does not sound good, but I can assure you it is very good. It is a mixed drink with sake, maple syrup, lemon and cayenne pepper. It was spicy yet sweet and so delicious!

For our first course, we ordered two appetizers -- Hazelnut Crostinis with Crimini Mushrooms and Caper Bearnaise and Baby Turnip Carpaccio with Morel Mushrooms. The hazelnut crostinis were very heavy with a great blend of flavors. The turnip carpaccios were topped with morel mushrooms, but really only like 3 mushrooms with like 20 pieces of turnip. It definitely needed more mushrooms. Regardless, both were spectacular.

Next, for the main course, I ordered the sweet corn and cashew tamales with chili spiced portabellos. Accompanying them was a cashew coconut sour cream, raw cacao mole and salsa. The flavors blended so well -- I absolutely loved it. Zach ordered the signature zucchini and tomato lasagna, which while delicious, was a bit too heavy for him. I thought it was wonderful and very creative.  We both felt like there was too much food given the entrees are nut-based and heavy. You definitely won't go hungry at this restaurant.

Lastly, for dessert, we ordered the salted chocolate caramel tart. This dessert was amazing! Salty yet chocolately -- how could one go wrong with that?!? The outer crust of the dark chocolate ganache was hard and the inside was soft. The vanilla cream on the side was incredibly soft. The two complemented each other well.

All in all, Sarma does an excellent job with raw vegan food. The food was very well presented, delicious and flavorful. The drinks were good as well. Yes, this is a very expensive restaurant, but I think it is worth every penny.

Pure Food and Wine
54 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 477-1010

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