Monday, June 27, 2016

Traveling Overseas Vegan-Style

You may have noticed that I've switched gears a little bit this year -- less frequent posting and mostly restaurant reviews. Why? I've been traveling for skydiving and BASE jumping A LOT! Most recently, I traveled overseas to a remote island off Panama where it was rumored there'd be no vegan food! Yes, seriously. We are talking a remote island two hours by boat from Panama where there are few restaurants and lots of fish.

How did I survive? Just to be safe, I brought a ton of food! I thought it would be helpful to share some tips.

First, I rented a villa. That's a house with a kitchen. That way if there weren't any restaurants to eat at, I could make my own food. Second, I contacted the local chef beforehand to let him know there'd be a vegan staying there for a week. As a result, he had bought Field Roast sausages, Hilary's burgers, vegan cheese, and more and was ready to cook when I arrived!

What kind of food did I bring? Here's some ideas of stuff you could bring while traveling.

No cook:
  • Purely Elizabeth cereal with almond milk
  • Raw Revolution bars with almond butter
  • Almond butter (good protein)
  • Trail mix
  • Mary's Gone Crackers pretzels
  • Go Macro protein bars
  • Dried mango 
  • Tastybite Indian Meals: ready to eat out of the pouch

  • Instant oatmeal
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Fig Food Co. soups: ready to eat out of pouch, but better when warm
  • Rice
  • Daiya cheesy mac (not that great)
  • Modern Table pasta meal
  • Lots of fresh veggies to make fajitas with salsa and tortillas
  • Asparagus

And on that, I survived. It was a great trip. Don't get stuck overseas without back-up food. As long as you have bars and trail mix, you'll survive!!

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