Friday, August 22, 2014

Bar Charley, DC

Based upon a simple review that my friend found on Urbanspoon, we headed out to check out Bar Charley after a night on the town. Located in the loud, bustling neighborhood of Adams Morgan, Bar Charley is trying to attract the young folks who want good drinks, but don't want to pay the high prices.

We arrived around 9 p.m. on a Saturday night. Inside, the atmosphere was one of mystery with the dark lighting and exposed brick walls. However, dark, though, you didn't get an intimate feel -- instead it felt quite cold. And I don't mean temperature cold, I mean just out in the open cold. We were seated at a long, picnic-style table, which is not exactly how we wanted to sit and enjoy our drinks. I mean, I know the communal seating thing is in, but not at a loungy-style bar.

I ordered the Chancellor Cocktail for $10 and my friend ordered the Dad's Hat for $9.  I don't have much to say about this other than the drinks were so bad that we couldn't finish them. They were not balanced the way they should have been and were completely undrinkable.

So between the cold, communal table and poorly crafted drinks, we left this place vowing never to return. They've only been open since September 2013 so maybe they'll improve with time.

Bar Charley
1825 18th Street
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 627-2183

Bar Charley on Urbanspoon

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