Monday, September 30, 2013

Natural Products Expo East 2013

Another fall, another show!  Once again, I headed over to the Natural Products Expo East to discover new products and reconnect with old friends. Although the show seemed smaller and less busy than in previous years, I still discovered some great products. Here are my top picks of the show in no particular order.

#1 Treeline vegan cheese (soft and hard)

#2 Green Mustache organic smoothies

#3 Mira's Homemade organic granola

#4 Rhythm Superfoods chips

#5 Wonderfully Raw organic brussel bytes

#6 DF Mavens new vegan ice cream flavors in smaller sizes

It was another great show overall. On another note, I left the show annoyed by three things in particular:
  1. A lack of understanding of what is vegan: one person actually said his product may be vegan depending upon how vegan I was. Of course, this guy was referring to the fact that his product contained honey. I'm getting more annoyed by this by the day. By definition, a product is not vegan if it contains honey. End of story.
  2. Stevia -- it is in everything and I don't like it. I prefer natural cane sugar.
  3. Serving vegan products on non-vegan bread or making vegan cake mixes with eggs and/or milk. I experienced both scenarios at the show. If you make a vegan product and promote it as such, please serve it with other vegan products.
See ya next year, Baltimore! And with that behind me, now I can begin the countdown to Expo West. 

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