Friday, April 25, 2014

Kombucha Wonder Drink

Kombucha really has been touted as a wonder drink so why a company would name itself Kombucha Wonder Drink is no wonder. It has become all the craze lately as it is being sold in health food stores and regular grocers nationwide. So why all the hype? Kombucha can be traced back to centuries ago when wise men would descend from high in the Himalayas to harvest spring tea in the valley below. According to a formula passed down from generation to generation, the tea was fermented to create an effervescent elixir said to restore health, promote longevity and bestow mental clarity to all who drank it.

Kombucha Wonder Drink hails from Portland, Oregon where Steve Lee, co-founder of Stash Tea and Tazo, began producing it in 2001 after having met an elderly woman in Russia who shared her secret for longevity and vitality -- a jar containing a starter from her kombucha culture.

There are many brands of kombucha out there, but I think that Kombucha Wonder Drink has some of the most unique flavors. They have nine flavors and I have to say that I love them all. They all are based in a really nice brew of oolong tea and organic kombucha, which is made of water, cane juice, oolong tea leaves, yeast, and bacteria cultures.

If I had to choose one, I'd say I like the Asian Pear and Ginger the best. You mostly get the sweetnesss of the Asian Pear with just a hint of ginger. This one comes in a bottle or a can and I kind of prefer the can because it stays colder longer.

Other flavors I love include the Mango, which has a light mango and peach taste to it. The Cherry Cassis is not tart at all and instead delivers all the goodness that cherries have to offer. And then there is the Essence of Lemon, which is like a scrumptious lemon pie!

One of the most unique flavors is the Essence of Juniper Berry, which has a very unique herbal taste to it that is magnified with a clean, refreshing touch of spearmint.

I also discovered there is one flavor in a can that is not in a bottle -- the Green Tea and Lemon -- loved this one too.

The biggest health benefits stem from the kombucha fermentation process, which creates beneficial organic acids that have been known to aid digestion and detoxification.  Kombucha Wonder Drink states that they pasteurize their products for safety and although pasteurization results in the absence of live cultures and other bacteria, the beneficial organic acids formed during fermentation remain active.  Many people prefer raw kombucha because the pasteurization process results in less probiotics being present in the final product.

In response to that, on their website it states, "While some believe that live cultures are also beneficial to the gut, there is no evidence that kombucha cultures survive in the stomach or reach the intestines. In fact, because these cultures require oxygen, there is no evidence that they even survive the bottling process. However, the organic acids that remain active after pasteurization are what make Kombucha Wonder Drink so appreciated for its naturally uplifting flavor and ability to improve digestion and help detoxify the body."

One of the more controversial topics around kombucha is how much alcohol is left after the fermentation process as alcohol is produced in fermentation. Most companies claim it is less than .5% so it isn't much of an issue.

I also noticed that this brand adds carbonation to its kombucha instead of allowing the carbonation to occur naturally. Forced carbonation results in less probiotics as well so that is something to consider as you are evaluating all the different brands of kombucha.

I, for one, believe in the health benefits of kombucha and I also just love the taste. Kombucha Wonder Drink has some great flavors and is light on the carbonation so you get the cool taste of fermented tea infused with organic fruit concentrates and a little bit of the bubbly. Just be aware that the pasteurization process and forced carbonation that Kombucha Wonder Drink uses results in less probiotics than brands that keep their product raw and allow their kombucha to become carbonated naturally through the fermentation process. On the positive side, Kombucha Wonder Drink is certified organic and is, therefore, non-GMO. To try it yourself, you can order it on Amazon here. To find a store near you, go the store finder here. Enjoy!

Full Disclosure: Although these products were provided to me for free to review, that in no way influenced my veracious opinion.

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