Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cork & Fork, DC

When I first moved to the U Street Corridor/Logan Circle area, there weren't any really nice wine stores. I had to buy my wine from U Street Wine and Liquor, Whole Foods, or Yes! Natural Grocers. A few years later, a local wine bar opened a nice wine store called "Cork Market" and everything changed. I soon began buying from them. But then, in May of 2010, a new player emerged and even though their name was similar to the other wine store on 14th Street, I soon discovered just how different they were -- this was "Cork & Fork."

The artwork in the window was created by Dominique's daughter, Antoinette

Cork & Fork, located at 14th and Q Streets NW, has been a welcome addition to this bustling area, bringing fine wines at various price points. Now I know just where to go when I need a great bottle of wine. The family behind this great business is the Landragin's -- Dominique; his wife, Anna; and their daughter, Antoinette. Dominique is a 12th generation winemaker from Champagne, France. In fact, Dominique's family’s winemaking dates back to 1772 when his great-great-grandfather first made champagne. His grandfather was the manager of Veuve Clicquot vineyards in France while his father, Pierre Landragin, was the vineyard manager at Heidsieck Monopole. Dominique graduated from the Beaune Agricultural College, located in Burgundy, in the fields of viticulture and oenology.

I think the first thing I noticed was how pleasant and down to earth he was. Even though he had been a winemaker, he is happy to take the time to help his customers understand his products and the regions from which they originate. From little things such as having a restroom in the store available to customers to bigger things like complimentary wine tastings, the hospitality he offers is unmatched in the area. 

Every Friday and Saturday, they host complimentary wine tastings usually showcasing a number of whites, roses, reds, and even a dessert wine here and there. They usually taste 5 - 10 wines per tasting!  I discovered many of the wines I drink regularly during these wine tastings.

Damien, Dominique, and Matt

Everyone who works there is just as helpful and pleasant as Dominique. He has done a great job at finding knowledgeable, down-to-earth staff members. They often keep the front door open as well. All of this makes for a very inviting atmosphere.

Oh, and did I mention that the selection is fantastic?! All of the wines have been hand picked by Dominique and I'm always pleased with his recommendations. By buying cases of the popular selections, he keeps the prices extremely competitive as well. Have I given you enough reasons to check Cork & Fork out yet?  I could go on, but this post is already too long so I'm signing off and heading over to Cork & Fork to buy some wine.

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